Losing a Friend

Paris Holden was just 21 years-old when she was found face-down in her garden last weekend. She suffered a sudden, unexpected heart attack and she had no heartbeat for just under 30 minutes.

Despite lasting the night in hospital in intensive care, Paris lost her fight for life late on Sunday night. Continue reading


Father of three determined to stay positive after separation

Divorce and separations are much more common now than they used to be and while many are settled amicably some aren’t.  William Shaw separated from his wife in May 2011 but instead of moving out on his own like many men do he stayed in the family home with his three daughters while his wife walked out.

William and his daughters in summer 2011

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First date nerves

Going on a first date can be the most nerve-wracking experience a young man can go through.  Men will sometimes spend days fretting over little details such as what to wear and even what to say.

Gavin Askew, student at Sheffield Hallam University, has had similar experience over the past few months.

“Since I broke up with my girlfriend a while back I’ve been on a few dates. I don’t enjoy them too much. Continue reading

I’m Going To Be A Dad!

“Little Mundo”

Fatherhood: The one thing guaranteed is change… A daunting prospect for some.

Your just trying to find your feet in life. Thinking about starting a career, going to university, getting a promotion or even finishing school, and out comes the line “I think I’m pregnant.”

At this point your heart sinks into your stomach and your head is filled with questions and thoughts.

Joe 'Mundo' Parker centre of the picture gets serious when he is captaining his local team in the cup final.

Joe ‘Mundo’ Parker centre of the picture gets serious when he is captaining his local team in the cup final.

‘Mundo’ Parker, 24, a typical ‘lad’ from Mansfield is going through that exact process. To ’Mundo’ there is nothing better than a night out with the boys, a game of football at the weekend and a fair amount of time on his Xbox.

A late comer to university, he is currently just in his first year studying Graphic Design in Sheffield. Everything is about to change.
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