The Awkward Pint is a blog about mens health and lifestyle issues.  We aim to inform, interest and provide much needed advice to men from all walks of life about a range of different subjects.  We understand that sometimes the man can be a closed book so we aim to shed a light on the everyday difficulties you may face, meaning you can avoid that ‘awkward pint’…

Contact us:

Website: theawkwardpint@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/The-Awkward-Pint/191130147661752

Twitter: @theawkwardpint

Michael Clarkson, 23, is the end-product of some truely ‘Awkward’ situations. Aspiring sports journalist and football commentator from West Yorkshire. Follow @M_Clarkson https://theawkwardpint.wordpress.com/author/mclarkson88/

Hailing from Nottingham, Jonty has one gear and it is Go! Looking to go into sports journalism and never afraid to give something new a try! Challenge him and he will accept! Basketball, Rowing, Dodgeball and the list could go on…….               Follow @RealJonty https://theawkwardpint.wordpress.com/author/jontybayliss/

Mike Apps, 23, budding health, fitness and lifestyle Journalist. Southerner at heart originating from Hertfordshire .He Would rather be controversial than boring. Mike is also a personal trainer and all round fitness guru. https://theawkwardpint.wordpress.com/author/mikeapps7/

Meg Baldwin, 20, is the token female on the team. Originally from the West Midlands she along with the rest of the female population, wants to delve into the territory of the LAD to uncover myths and understand just what goes on in the male mind. A self confessed snow bum, she can’t wait to get travelling after Uni. @megsbaldwin https://theawkwardpint.wordpress.com/author/megsbaldwin/

Aaron, 21, is originally from Stoke-on-Trent. His main passions lie in sport and music, and he’s here to investigate the awkward side of ‘lad’ culture.

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