Man of the Week: Tim Smyczek is a winner

This week our Man of the Week is Tim Smyczek. Don’t recognise his name? Unless you follow the early rounds of the Australian Open this year I don’t blame you.

Smyczek was facing Rafael Nadal (a more familiar name to a lot of you) in the second round at the Australian Open.

At 6-5 up serving for the match in the fifth set, Nadal was up 30-0. On his next serve a spectator shouted loudly which seemed to have put Rafa off his shot and he hit it long.

Now the play would have gone down as a fault however in an incredible act of sportsmanship Smyczek let Nadal play the point again.

Sitting at No.112 in the world and never having progressed to a third round of a major before, this was a bold and inspiring move from Tim.

It wasn’t to be a fairytale ending though with Nadal closing out the match and progressing to the third round. He had this to say about Smyczek at the end:

“What he did at the end of the fifth was just amazing…He’s a gentlemen. Not a lot of people would do something like that.”

Tim Smyczek you may have not beaten Nadal but you are our Man of the Week.

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