Losing a Friend

Paris Holden was just 21 years-old when she was found face-down in her garden last weekend. She suffered a sudden, unexpected heart attack and she had no heartbeat for just under 30 minutes.

Despite lasting the night in hospital in intensive care, Paris lost her fight for life late on Sunday night.

Losing a good friend is always one of the most difficult challenges life can throw at you. To lose a good friend when you’re just 22 years-old is unthinkable for the majority of us. However, for Joel Wilson, this has recently become a reality.

Hear some of Joel’s thoughts below.


Furthermore, Joel added that he found the situation scary.

“You see what happened with Fabrice Muamba – he was an actual athlete. He should be as fit as humanly possible, but it still happened. Luckily he survived but Paris wasn’t so lucky. I don’t know how we’re supposed to stop this from happening when it’s so out of the blue.

“She was a normal person just like us. A student, she went to gigs and she enjoyed going out with her mates.

“Myself and my friends aside, I feel most for her parents. My mum always says that a parent should never have to bury their child. It’s true.”

Aaron Bains

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