Gym Etiquette: How to act when attending the gym

Going to the gym can be a daunting exercise for many people with a lot of people not knowing what to do or how to act when they attend a gym. Ian Allen is a personal trainer and he gives some helpful tips as to what to do when attending a gym.

When first joining a gym it can be an awkward situation, especially if all you want to do is shed a few pounds off that beer belly but you find yourself surrounded by people lifting more than you weigh. This can be off putting.

What you need to remember when you attend the gym is it is about you and you only. You are there to help yourself and achieve your own goals, not anyone else’s. Ian Allen says that you should construct a workout around yourself;

‘A workout that considers and takes account of the personal goals of exercise (be they physical, psychological etc). Exercise that overloads the bodies systems (heart, lungs, muscles) without adding unnecessary risk from injury. You must enjoy what you are doing‘

With this in mind, set yourself realistic goals, work on a six-week program and set targets along the way.

When you go to a gym make sure you also wear the right kit, there is nothing worst than seeing people in the gym wearing inappropriate gym gear. Ian Allen gives his advice;

‘Clothing conducive to exercise, permits a full range of movement at all working joints (i.e. no jeans). Should cover torso and pelvis (i.e. not topless). Demonstrates personal health and safety (i.e. no flip flops) and hygiene (i.e. clean, no bare feet) requirements.’

Below is an example of how not to dress and how to dress for the gym:

• No Hats
• No t-shirts/shirts you would wear on a night out
• No jeans
• No pumps, you drop a weight on your foot, there is no protection

• Do wear Sports gear that was made for a freedom of movement.
• Do wear running/training trainers to protect your feet.
• Shorts are often better than tracksuit bottoms but either will suit.

There are also individual codes of conducts in each gym that you should follow when you are there, Ian Allen gives a brief outline of what many gyms expect;

‘Employ standards that befit a public environment so no abusive, offensive or threatening behaviour.

You must follow local etiquette so take into consideration the use/non-use of mobile phones, clothing and language.

Also follow rules regarding use of equipment and instructors guidance. Leave things as you found them so put weights away and leave them sweat free for all’

Keep these things in mind when you attend the gym, this will often put you in good favour with fellow customers and the instructors.

When you are at the gym do not be afraid to ask for help from the instructors if you are unsure on how to use equipment or even if you need some guidance on your workout.

The gym shouldn’t have to be an awkward situation for you or any others, so follow the basics ruled out in this article and I’m sure you will be fine.

Finally below is a short video on gym etiquette if you are still a little confused:

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