First date nerves

Going on a first date can be the most nerve-wracking experience a young man can go through.  Men will sometimes spend days fretting over little details such as what to wear and even what to say.

Gavin Askew, student at Sheffield Hallam University, has had similar experience over the past few months.

“Since I broke up with my girlfriend a while back I’ve been on a few dates. I don’t enjoy them too much.

“Well, they’re eventually fun, but I find the first hour or so of them pretty traumatic. I’m always nervous and worrying about what the girl is thinking about me.”

There seems to be several different things one has to take into account when approaching a first date. Gavin, 23, added “I think where you take her is most important.

“If you go to Wetherspoons it’s not going to go down well, is it? Without sounding like a girl, deciding what to wear is usually the most difficult decision too.”

All young men would love to know what the woman is thinking before, during and after their first date. Natasha Daniels, a student at the University of Sheffield, gives her insight into five things men should avoid doing on a first date. Click below to hear her views.

Aaron Bains

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