Anabolic Steroids, “Nobody likes a cheater.”

Steroid abuse - Testosterone injection

Steroid abuse – Testosterone injection

   The use of anabolic steroids is increasingly becoming a big issue with young males. Although we don’t like to admit it men are very conscious of their bodies and their body image.

   We see A-list celebrities and sports stars with A-list bodies and we strive to look the same.

   We always look for the short-cuts and the easy options in life and our health and fitness is no different. Why put in the hard work, deal with injury and end up with lesser results when there is a quick fix?

   Anabolic steroids are an illegal drug the same as Cocaine or Heroine. Sports Scientist and Fitness Instructor Danny Wilson spoke about his opinion on the drug. “Generally, people who take steroids often hold a lack of knowledge of what they are consuming, therefore steroid abuse is common.” Not only is the use of steroids a problem but not using the drug correctly can lead to serious health side affects.

   Side affects related to using steroids are common, Danny continued, “Apart from bulging muscles and that perfect body everyone strives for, there is a long list of side effects that anabolic steroids can induce. Steroid abuse can lead to increased levels in LDL-cholesterol, this can lead to clogging up arteries, increased blood pressure and risk of heart disease. A raise in testosterone and circulating androgen levels can cause potential aggressiveness; this can cause strains on personal and professional relationships.”

   “I think that a bad image also comes with steroids, the term ‘Sted Head’ comes to mind and no matter how they deny it, you can always tell when someone is on them.”

   When talking to members at Sheffield Hallam University gym Lotto Modungwa agreed with this view “I don’t like the look, I don’t think the look is natural, I would rather put in the hard work and know that I’ve not cheated my way to getting there.”

   On the subject of talking to a friend who was considering using steroids or already using them Lotto said, “I would tell him about all the bad effects that you get from the steroids and that personally I’d never use them.”

   There is much debate on the subject of steroid use Jonathan Stevens said,  “People who use steroids have given it great consideration in advancing their performance and strength. I don’t have any bad opinions on them. If they are not reckless with them.”

   Jonny also said that if a friend wanted to use steroids he would say, “Be careful and do your research. There’s a lot of bad drugs out their and steroids are no different, put in the background research and find out what’s best for your body.”

   Despite this the general consensus from gym users was negative towards steroid use. Kieran Chury said, “I think it’s a negative thing to do as it can mess up your hormones, it’s not a natural look, nobody likes a cheater.” he also added he would do his best to turn a friend away from the idea of using the drug.

   Body consciousness that can lead to the decision to take steroids can also be seen as a medical condition. Danny Wilson said, “ ‘Bigorexia’ or Muscle Dyspmorphia is a common theme within keen bodybuilders where a person becomes obsessed with the idea that he or she is not muscular enough. Simply the opposite to anorexia.”

   Although steroid use is becoming a more common and very real problem, it still doesn’t carry a good image, Danny‘s opinion was, “I know plenty of people who have taken steroids, and I often link my views with people who smoke as it’s not healthy and very uncool.”

   When I asked Danny what he would say to a potential steroid user he said, “People who take steroids need to consider the health issues that arise. How do you know that what you are taking is 100% steroids? At the end of the day anabolic steroids are illegal drugs and can be just as addictive and harmful as any other.”

   For more information and news on steroid abuse and the use of anabolic steroids check the links below:

Written by Michael Apps.

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