Dustin Hoffman helps collapsed jogger in Hyde Park

Dustin Hoffman came to the rescue of a jogger in Hyde Park who had collapsed suddenly.

Jogger, Sam Dempster, 27, collapsed while out for a run and Dustin Hoffman came to assist him and alerted the paramedics. Hoffman stayed there until the paramedics revived Mr. Dempster.

It’s not often that the paramedics come face to face with a Hollywood star, however Hoffman has a home close by.

Luke Sullivan an attending paramedic said;

“At the end of the call we’d loaded the patient into the ambulance, we’d successfully resuscitated him, and just before we drove off Dustin Hoffman approached us and said great job guys.”

Heart attack victim, Sam Dempster (centre) with paramedics, Luke Sullivan (Left) and Martin McCarther (Right).

The Awkward Pint team would like to congratulate Dustin Hoffman on being the Man of the Week. We would also like to congratulate the attending paramedics Luke Sullivan and Martin McCarther and wish Sam Dempster a speedy recovery.

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