Bullying: ‘When it starts to get personal, it upsets me’

Bullying is a social problem that is impossible to get rid of. Seth Bennett was bullied through the Internet for a number of years whilst working as a journalist.

For Seth it all started around 5 years ago when he found people felt like they could say whatever they wanted using different internet platforms such as facebook, twitter and forums.

‘I accept fully that I’m in a public environment, but there is a part of me which questions whether my wife or little boy should have to read some of the things written about me’

At the time Seth was working as a journalist in Sheffield covering sports. He found that he came under attack through his coverage of the two Sheffield football teams, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United;

‘As a journalist you monitor football forums, you know you will get abused and you know everyone won’t like you. Then you start to notice that you talk about something and people will begin to react to that.

People will always react in a negative way, which is fine, but when it starts to get personal it upsets me. Not about me but when they bring my family into it.’

Seth has told his family not to go on the forums, however people that his family are involved with see the comments then relay this message and Seth says that his family can get very upset when seeing the comments.

At first Seth used to take the comments very personally and it was hard not to, however as it moved on he learned to ignore it.

‘You know there are going to be people who will say those things, in the end you have to have faith in yourself and the longer you do a job the more faith you have in your ability to do that job.’

As a broadcaster Seth gives an unbiased opinion on events but some fans see it as a personal attack when their team is losing. There is a responsibility there but fans can easily forget this.

The bullying is not always kept to the Internet; Seth has had confrontations in public as well.

Seth has even had to get the authorities involved when he received threatening messages from an unknown number, threatening his family’s safety.

This didn’t continue for too long but at the time it was a very scary atmosphere for Seth.

Now he sees things with a lot of humor and that is how he has dealt with it, below is an example of some of the messages Seth used to receive.

If you are having problems with bullying then there are many agencies that can help you, The national bullying helpline is one of many but do not hesitate to contact them if this is something that you have to deal with.

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