Dr. Andrew Deaner is our man of the week after he rushed to the aid of Fabrice Muamba

Dr. Andrew Deaner with paramedics and Fabrice Muamba

This week we turn to football for our man of the week. It is not a man who plays in the game of football or manages, but he is a fan and his name is Dr. Andrew Deaner.

Dr. Deaner attended the Tottenham Hotspur vs Bolton Wanderers FA Cup clash at the weekend. Events at the game took a turn when Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba collapsed with heart failure.

Dr. Deaner is a consultant cardiologist at the London Chest Hospital, he quickly got himself onto the pitch to offer help and assistance to the paramedics and medical staff.

After several minutes Muamba was taken by ambulance to the London Chest Hospital where Dr. Deaner worked. Dr. Deaner accompanied Muamba in the ambulance and took him to the specialist unit in London which is said to be one of the best in the world.

We wish Fabrice Muamba a speedy recovery.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Deaner is our man of the week after he rushed to the aid of Fabrice Muamba

  1. This man deserves a season ticket for his team AT LEAST don’t you think! Well done that man for quickly recognising his skills were needed.

    • Yes AT LEAST it’s really encouraging to see football fans that don’t just watch the game but get engaged with what is happening. I don’t think Dr. Andrew Deaner ever goes to a game in anticipation of needing to lend a hand but the fact that he was so quick to react really is a credit to him and his profession.


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