Living with Lads: “Keeping George out of mischief is IMPOSSIBLE!”

(l-r) Robin, Piers, Harry and George

A mantle piece ordained with alcohol in various stages of consumption, pizza menus ripped up to provide filters for fags, mugs growing insulin, anally organised stacks of DVDS and video games. Welcome to the house of Harry, George, Robin and Piers, students at Sheffield Hallam University. The Awkward Pint digs out the Dettol for their dirty kitchen and even dirtier minds.

Harry, 22, says: “Keeping the place clean is a battle. But it’s fun, we always have guest.”

All four boys are in committee for Hallam’s Snow sports club, SHU Snow. They live together, work together and play together.

“Our house is pretty much the hub for SHU Snow. It’s a shelter for our veteran members and fresher’s obviously,” says Piers, 20.

Harry, 22, adds: “The sofas are comfy and we have blankets. There is always something going on in the house.

But when everyones left the party, the match has finished or they are simply having a quiet one (not often I’m told), how is it actually living together?

What exactly do the lads tell each other? Do they always get on?

“I may have punched him in the face but I still love him”

“Our doors are always open to each other because we’ve broken them all!” says 20 year old George.

“No, you’ve broken them all George” adds Harry.

“Yeh but sure also always open for when your housemates are recently dumped or feeling low,” says George.


After a death in the family earlier this year, Robin, 21 says he could turn to his housemates when he really was feeling low.

Robin says: “Yeh, for life and personal things I talk to George and Harry the most as they seem like they have lived life more and know a bit more about what’s going on.”

The lads take to the interview by mixing those awkward moments about, dare I say it, ‘talking’ to each other with anecdotes about their house-share so far.

Piers says: “I’m always in either Harry or George’s room. We talk about anything and everything. Although I did punch George in the face once, but I still love him to bits, in a guy love kind of way.

“We watch a lot of porn in the living room, pushing boundaries of what is classed as porn and what is classed as ‘you should probably wash your eyes out after watching this.’”

 Moving on.

George says: “Whatever problems I have, I just get drunk and forget about them.

“The mystery behind why I never seem to have any issues? Because I have the theory that no matter what stupid things I have done, there is no point in getting worked up over them. I tell my mates the same. Don’t let it ruin the present, live every day without regret.

“Also, I seem to have a major problem with staying sober, but we are only students for a very short time so have fun!”

“Do not touch Piers’ food.”

This year the lads have boasted three house parties, endless ‘gatherings’, the hosting of variuous sports tv occassions and endless amounts of take-away nights, drunken nights, and all round messy nights.

What do they have to show for it? A house that is most certainly going through a re-decoration before the year ends.

Robin says, “Our landlord is fitting a new carpet because the old one is so damaged.” Do they not hoover?

“I don’t know where the hoover is actually. I’m going to miss the old carpet, I don’t want a new one”, adds George.

“There actually isn’t any point in them putting in a new one until we’ve left. We’re bound to have another house party before we leave.” says Harry.



The boys say that Piers is probably the cleanest but it hasn’t ever caused any major arguments, unless you touch his food.

“Oh do not touch Piers’ food, because he will find out, and you will know about it.”

It’s intriguing. In a girls house, arguments would disrupt over cleaning the bathroom, taking the bins out, taking the cups out of your room, or damaging a borrowed item. With the boys, its who took the last beer and who’s turn it is on FIFA 12.  

Robin says, “Living together is only awkward if you make it awkward.”

George adds, “My advice. Just chill out.”

An eye opener for this now ‘chilled out’ Awkward Pinter anwyays.

By Megan Baldwin

About Meg Baldwin

Writer for Doing Good Kid

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